1.    What is the cost to play football?
Registration fee for the 2018 season is TBA. Additional expenses vary and may include: football cleats, team socks, name printing on jerseys, game day snacks, coaches gifts, etc.

2.    When is registration?
In-person registration will be announced soon.  Click here for more information, including list of required paperwork.  Registration for the 2018 season will close May 31. Any players registering after May 31 will only be used to fill teams, if needed, and are not guarenteed placement on a team - NO EXCEPTIONS!

3.    How do I know what team my child will be on?
A child's age and weight determines what division they play in.  The age/weight matrix can be found here.  Please weigh you child at home before you register online to avoid any changes of division at certification.  If this is a child's first year playing tackle football, it is strongly recommended they play in the lowest division possible. Team formation is determined by what school district you live in.

4.    When are games?
Games will begin weekend of September 8-9 through October. Big Smash and playoffs go into November.

5.    Are sports phsyicals required?
YES! All players are required to have had a sports physical signed by a physician in the current season year. 2018 forms are available here soon.

6.    Do I need to provide my players birth certificate?
YES! A copy of the official state issued birth certificate in required to verify players age. Hospital or military certificates are not accepted. This must be in the team book by certifification in July.  If you do not have a copy of your players birth certificate you will need to order one. It is strongly recommended to do this ASAP! Most states have online ordering available.

7.    When do I turn in my player's end of the school year report card?
When you receive your players end of the year report card that shows the full year grades you will need to make a copy and give it to your Team Mom at the first team meeting which will be held sometime during the last week of June. This must be in the team book by certification in July.

8.    What is certification?
Certification is when all player's paperwork in the team book is officially verified.  Player's are weighed-in to verify their division of play and start of season weight.  If all paperwork is certified players are issued their gear & gear bag.  Team coaches assist players in gear fitting.  Parent are not allowed at the certification/weigh-in table or in the gear warehouse. Players will not be issued gear if any paperwork is missing or does not pass the certification process.