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posted Nov 9, 2017, 2:49 PM by Jeana Dittmer
Gear return schedule is posted in the picture below.  Gear return will run pretty much the same as certification. Teams will come in as a group for gear return at their scheduled time, same as they did at certifization.

Team's player admin. or team mom will have the gear contracts for the team and will be at the return table with Rose. When the player comes to the table their gear the contract will be handed to Rose, she will visibly check to make sure the gear is there and sign off on the gear contract. From there the player will put the gear back. Parents can come do gear return in their players place if necessary. 

Practice jerseys, gear bags, and pants should only have one person taking care of all three, just making sure that the pants get placed in the right size bin. A board member will put away the helmets. Each team is allotted 10 minutes and it should not take more than that when they are walking through and putting up gear, it should be a straight up walk and drop. Board members will be in the warehouse to help direct players putting their gear away. 

If there is any missing gear it will be recorded on the gear contract and a letter for the return of the missing gear will be sent out to parents. Any player that does not return gear will be invoiced for the gear. 

Parents please make sure wash the practice jersey, wash the pants and hang dry them, turn the bag inside out and let it air out and spray it with a disinfectant, wipe down the shoulder pads, remove helmet stickers and wipe down inside and outside of helmets.

Medford, Eugene, and JPW Bulldogs are not on the schedule, they will be returning on a different day.